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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Brand

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You’re investing in a branded ingredient – use it to its fullest!

Take a look at this picture:

If you are at a party and the dark-soda choices were either Coca-Cola® or this, which one do you predict would remain untouched?

This is representative of the generic products that were frequently found next to brand name counterparts in the late 1970s. “No frills” saved consumers a lot of money, but also frequently lowered quality of experience. Since then, “generic” anything is still linked with poorer quality.

And if you use a branded ingredient but don’t take full advantage of the identity package its maker offers, this is what consumers think your product contains – “no frills” ingredients. When you add up all the attributes that differentiate branded ingredients—uniqueness, clinical support, regulatory status, formulation expertise, marketing dollars—you get quality. Why not get the most out of your investment by using the brand name and/or logo on the bottle or packaging?

Products formulated with branded ingredients possess a differentiating factor that proves a company’s commitment to transparency. Consumers are very savvy and immediately turn to the internet and social media to research products. If your product contains Deerland’s DE111® B. subtilis, for example, consumers who already know about DE111 are more likely to trust the quality of the product and buy it when they see it on your label. And make no mistake, more consumers are taking the time to scrutinize labels and materials related to your product. Self-education is extremely empowering, as it increases confidence in decision-making. And if the resulting experience with your product is deemed positive, you then have achieved a loyal consumer.

Conversely, consumers who may not be aware of the branded ingredient but who see it on your package may be compelled to investigate via the internet. Additionally, there is prestige associated with a branded ingredient; the consumer believes that the product using that brand is more effective and of higher quality than a competing product that has a generic counterpart.

For example: A sports nutrition product geared toward healthy and effective muscle building, featuring “ProHydrolase® protease enzyme blend” on the label is more intriguing and attractive to your prospective consumers than simply “protease.” A piqued consumer will find – quickly – that ProHydrolase has a solid foundation of research, including two human clinical studies. He or she can also learn quite a bit about what it is, how it works, and its value for fitness. Further, they will learn about Deerland’s integrity and commitment to safety and ethical practices – which will directly be associated with your brand and product.

When you partner with a supplier of branded ingredients, you are reassuring your potential customer base that you take quality and safety seriously, that your commitment to ensuring a positive experience is absolute. Think of it this way: when a product works, it’s a terrific feeling – on the other hand, “no frills = no thrills.”

About The Expert
Tod Burgess
Vice President of Sales, Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics

Tod joined Deerland Enzymes in 1999, and has since been instrumental in leading the company into the supplement industry as one of the premier formulators and manufacturers of enzyme and probiotic supplements. He leads a team of business development managers located across the United States. Tod is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology.

Tod Burgess

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