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Deerland Enzymes offers career opportunities in a variety of areas including Manufacturing, Research & Development, Product Development, Operations, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs and Sales. The company offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees.

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Available Positions

Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager is the key position that ensures we are following and are aligned with the appropriate regulatory requirements related to our product development, manufacturing processes, and laboratory operations. Some of what you'll do include: Risk management activities to include conducting risk analysis, assuring essential requirements are being met. Ensuring compliance documentation is completed and maintained and managing the process including document control activities. Taking the lead in the efforts to make sure we are satisfying all of the appropriate regulatory compliance requirements associated with product development, manufacturing processes, and laboratory operations. Review, maintain and update all compliance related documents on an ongoing basis.

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Sanitation Coordinator

The Sanitation Coordinator, will be responsible for sanitation practices throughout the facility. This includes Production Suites, laboratories, restrooms, offices, warehouse, other general areas and grounds as needed in order to maintain and conform to FDA and cGMP guidelines and regulations for cleaning practices. GMP training and training on specialized equipment will be provided. Works with Production Operators to maintain Production Suite environment below alert limits by following established cleaning practices

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Analytical Chemistry Manager

The Analytical Chemistry Manager will be responsible for various short term science projects (in house and outside). The Analytical research Scientist will investigate, validate, create, and develop new methods and technologies. He or she will maintain accurate and timely record of test results; perform standard and complex laboratory procedures; work collaboratively with various departments to compile, analyze, and interpret data. The successful candidate will be expected to effectively communicate in written and analytical research reports, presentations for co-workers, customers, or at scientific conferences, work independently, and possess strong attention to detail.

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Production Operators

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